Please Pray for the Eternal Repose of the Soul of . . . .

La Norris Lee who passed away on Tuesday, September 22nd, at the age of 76.   He is the beloved husband of Pearl Lee .

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Distribution of Communion

Distribution of Communion in the church this Sunday, September 20, will be from 4:00 – 4:30 pm.

Hoy Domingo, 20 de septiembre, vamos a estar distribuyendo la Santa Comunion desde las 4:00pm de la tarde hasta las 4:30pm, en la Iglesia.

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Carta la para Parroquia de St Bede

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Ministry to the Sick During this Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Parishioners,

The local hospitals are very strict with the threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you feel sick enough to go to the hospital, please call the priests at (334) 272 3463 to come anoint you before you leave for the hospital, otherwise they will not let us see you in the hospital.

Father Alex

Queridos Parroquianos,

Debido a la amenaza de la Pandemia del COVID-19, los hospitales locales estan bien estrictos. Si alguien se siente lo suficientemente enfermo como para ir al hospital por favor llame al sacerdote al (334) 272-3463 para que lo pueda ungir antes de que salga para el hospital, de lo contrario no nos van a dejar verlo en el hospital.

Padre Alex

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God is with us now!

Dear Parishioners of St Bede:

God was with Israel when they had no Temple, no place to worship. God was with Church during the Bubonic plague. God was with Fr Seelos in New Orleans when he died ministering to the people during the Yellow Fever epidemic. God is with us now. We are trying to prevent a tragedy from happening! That is why the Church has taken these serious measures. This Lenten fast is unlike any we have ever experienced. It will pass! Fr Nicholas and I will be praying for all of you. Please pray with us. Tomorrow Fr Nicholas will live stream a Mass at 9am and it will remain posted on Facebook for you to go to spiritual communion. I will also celebrate Mass at a later time for your intentions. We will do this daily and Sunday. Mass will be lifted up to God for all of you and your intentions.

If you or a family member becomes seriously ill, call Me or Fr Nicholas and we will come and anoint. If you are seriously ill in hospital, you must ask hospital to let us come and visit you and you or a family member must contact us to let us know. We cannot enter a Nursing home or senior assisted living unless someone is in danger of death and we must be informed to come and visit.

Moreover, we will be posting a new confession schedule soon. The Church will be open from 9am to 430pm for private individual prayer each day.

Please follow the CDC directives. We have to do our part to end this quickly. At present, there are 4 cases between Elmore and Montgomery County. May we do our part with God’s grace to assist us to keep that number low!

I love all of you and am here if you need me. We are with you and together experiencing this heart wrenching crisis together in Christ!

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr Alex Valladares, Pastor

March 17, 2020. Feast of St Patrick

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Statement from Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi

The Archdiocese of Mobile comprises the Catholic churches and ministries in the southern half of Alabama. We are aware that our world, our nation, and our communities are coping with the covid-19 pandemic. All of us are called to be concerned for our personal welfare and that of our neighbors. This will entail sacrifice. I ask that we pray for our own protection and for those who suffer from ill health. It is also important that we cooperate with civil and health authorities. 

Therefore, effective Wednesday, March 18, the following steps are to be taken in the Archdiocese of Mobile. These norms are effective through Sunday, April 5, 2020, but may be extended depending upon future developments. 

Catholic Social Services facilities throughout southern Alabama serve approximately 25,000 of our neighbors in need. These services will continue in the following manner: 

Emergency Assistance Ministries at our Social Service Centers will remain open providing food for families and individuals, clothing, and help with rent and utility bills. However, applications for this help will be received only by phone. Food and clothing will be distributed at the door and not within the Service Center. 

All Thrift Stores will close but clothing will be available for those in need through Emergency Assistance. 

Counseling for individuals and families will continue to be available but only by phone. 

Parishes may continue to provide food whether from food pantries or kitchens, but only on a takeout basis and not within a building. Other than takeout food, all other parish and school activities and meetings are cancelled.

This includes all worship services. No member of the laity or clergy may conduct a worship service or a devotion of any kind in a church, or other location. I am strongly requesting that our churches remain open for prayer but without services.

Funerals, with or without Mass, will not be celebrated in churches or in any other location. Only graveside services are permitted. 

Weddings, only without Mass, may be conducted in a church building but solely with a cleric, bride and groom, two witnesses, and parents of the bride and groom present. No one else may be present.

Confessions may continue but only with a screen separating the priest and penitent or in an arrangement with six feet space between the priest and the penitent. 

Baptisms may be celebrated but only with the parents, godparents, and one cleric present. 

Holy Water fonts are to be emptied and cleaned. 

Although we will not gather for worship, we remain united in Christ. I am confident that our dedicated clergy will continue to serve the spiritual and material needs of neighbor. I particularly request that the clergy be present to the sick and those who suffer difficulties. I ask the people of our Archdiocese to please pray. Even if we cannot receive Holy Communion we can join ourselves with the love of God. Prayer is powerful and I request that we pray even more fervently during these challenging days.

May God bless all of us.

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Generations of Faith – Endowing our Future with Hope

The Archdiocese of Mobile is blessed with a rich history! For more than 300 years, generations of Catholics have been raised in our tight-knit communities bringing service, prayer, and liturgy to the lives of many. We at St. Bede join with fellow Catholics throughout Central and Southern Alabama to plan and prepare for the next generation of faith in the Archdiocese of Mobile.
To learn more about Generations of Faith, click the links below or visit

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Seminarian for Summer 2019

Dear St. Bede parishioners: We as a parish have been honored to host and help prepare for priestly ministry one of the three to be newly ordained transitional Deacons in the Archdiocese of Mobile.
Deacon Gabriel Vincent Mills will begin his time with us this Summer and serve until he returns to Seminary for his final year of formation. He will be an ordained deacon during his time with us. Please join me in welcoming him to St. Bede and helping to understand what a beautiful Vocation he has chosen to minister to God's Holy people!

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Parishioner accepted as a Seminarian to study for Priesthood

Before the celebration of the Chrism Mass on April 16, 2019, when all the priests renew their sacred promises with the Archbishop as ordained priest,
Noah Klusek was formerly accepted as a Seminarian to study for the Priesthood for the Archdiocese of Mobile. He will begin his formation and studies this Fall at St. John Marie Vianney Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, the same seminary where Fr. Nicholas and Fr. Zachary Greenwell also were educated and formed. Noah has been very visible to the parish as an Altar server and very active in the youth group. He also completed his Eagle Scout project by restoring the benches around the playground for the school. Noah is the second son of retired Major Todd Klusek, USAF and his wife Cathleen Klusek also a 12 year veteran of the Air Force. They live in Wetumpka and are members of St. Bede the Venerable Parish. Please keep Noah in your prayers as he begins his journey of faith in discerning the will of God.

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