God is with us now!

Dear Parishioners of St Bede:

God was with Israel when they had no Temple, no place to worship. God was with Church during the Bubonic plague. God was with Fr Seelos in New Orleans when he died ministering to the people during the Yellow Fever epidemic. God is with us now. We are trying to prevent a tragedy from happening! That is why the Church has taken these serious measures. This Lenten fast is unlike any we have ever experienced. It will pass! Fr Nicholas and I will be praying for all of you. Please pray with us. Tomorrow Fr Nicholas will live stream a Mass at 9am and it will remain posted on Facebook for you to go to spiritual communion. I will also celebrate Mass at a later time for your intentions. We will do this daily and Sunday. Mass will be lifted up to God for all of you and your intentions.

If you or a family member becomes seriously ill, call Me or Fr Nicholas and we will come and anoint. If you are seriously ill in hospital, you must ask hospital to let us come and visit you and you or a family member must contact us to let us know. We cannot enter a Nursing home or senior assisted living unless someone is in danger of death and we must be informed to come and visit.

Moreover, we will be posting a new confession schedule soon. The Church will be open from 9am to 430pm for private individual prayer each day.

Please follow the CDC directives. We have to do our part to end this quickly. At present, there are 4 cases between Elmore and Montgomery County. May we do our part with God’s grace to assist us to keep that number low!

I love all of you and am here if you need me. We are with you and together experiencing this heart wrenching crisis together in Christ!

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr Alex Valladares, Pastor

March 17, 2020. Feast of St Patrick